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Water World

The largest multi-purpose maritime complex in the world

About Water World

With a city as beautiful as yours, you need an attraction that tops the charts as the best, the biggest and the most spectacular. That's exactly what Water World will deliver.

Containing the world's first underwater and zipline park means you’ll give guests and visitors an experience of a lifetime. Nautilus consists of three well designed majestic towers, two Superman-style ziplines and six water slides converging underwater into a transparent, Star Wars inspired spherical hub. The world-class design ensures nothing like this has ever been created before. Let Nautilus propel your location into the history books as yet another one of a kind destination in the region.

With an underwater Ferris wheel that stands 50 meters tall, it’s definitely unlike anything, anywhere on the globe. Experiencing the pristine underwater world will give you a glimpse into another dimension most people never get to experience. As you come back above water, you’ll really appreciate the diversity planet Earth has to offer.

As visitors make their way to the 4-story underwater hotel, they’ll indulge in a 7-star experience of sphere-shaped rooms and fine-dining rivaled by only some of the most expensive hotels in the world like the Burj Al Arab and Lovers Deep Submarine Hotel.

But wait, that's not all. Having a port where submarine tours disembark means guests can get an exhilarating experience as they travel underwater to see Nautilus, the hotel, and Ferris wheel from a magnificent underwater perspective. With no instructions, certifications or safety lessons, guests will be able to hop right in and dive up to 3 kilometers in an instant.

The immaculate construction, style and atmosphere of Water World will seamlessly accent the on-site submarine and boat dealership, as well as many other next-level activities like the HydroBob, Scuba, Snuba diving, Trimaran, and more.


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Come and experience a record-breaking multi-purpose maritime complex ready to draw in crowds from around the world.