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Water World

The largest multi-purpose maritime complex in the world

About Water World

Every major city seeking new and innovative development has a common goal: create a project that sets you apart from the rest of the world. When it comes to innovation in the Hotel and Hospitality sector, many major players are going big. The latest and greatest hotels are architectural wonders, buildings designed by world class architects that provide the ultimate guest experience. Resort hotels are getting bigger and seek to provide the most exciting entertainments and adventure. Imagine, a breakthrough concept which provides a once-in-a-lifetime guest experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Water World is a breakthrough hotel and entertainment complex featuring the first underwater hotel and waterpark. It is quite literally ground breaking.

The five-star Hive Hotel is the first luxury hotel to feature fully submerged guest pod-suites with 360 degree views of the natural underwater surroundings. The unique design scheme features both above water main facility structures, which feature many five star guest amenities, and its breakthrough HIVE system of underwater guest pod-suites, providing the truly unique once in a lifetime full immersion experience.

Nautilus Waterpark features towering waterslides that plunge into a massive futuristic underwater sphere-scape. The park’s ziplines, submarine rides, and underwater entertainment scheme is truly the first of its kind. Adding to this is a multi million dollar above-and-under-water Ferris Wheel, making Water World a truly amazing innovation in architecture and design like the world has never seen.

Not only does Water World offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience for the senses, it also provides a deeper connection with the underwater environment. One of the main goals of this project is conservation. We understand the potential to raise awareness for the conservation and maintenance of our planet’s beautiful and fragile oceans.

Water World’s design and construction take this lead under consideration. In addition to the infrastructure of the Hive Hotel and Nautilus Waterpark and Ferris Wheel, our design partners have accounted for sustainability. The project features environmentally conscious design to reduce pollution and environmental impact. Additional conservation measures include infrastructure to support reef development and eventual reef expansion.

Water World guests will have a personal experience that elevates their senses and provides the most incredible lifelong memories. Part of this experience will be the inspiration they have for the ocean and its conservation. Apart from the truly amazing architectural design and installations, Water World will also provide guests with knowledge and first hand connection with the environment. Special programs, interactive experiences, and other inspiring activities will complete the overall experience.

Our beautiful oceans with their incredible marine life and ever changing scenery is something millions of us dream to experience first hand. Imagine, opening your eyes and seeing schools of fish swimming overhead, sparkling in the sunlight that gleams off the gentle movement of the water surface, breaking rippled shadows across your face among thousands of tiny sparkles. Now, imagine what the world might be like if more people could experience such a once-in-a-lifetime moment.


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Water World

Water World at the Lagoon

The complex will have a breakthrough Hive system for 90 underwater hotel rooms, Nautilus underwater slides, atmospheric Ferris wheel with capsules, a complex of Submerged Residential Unit beach bungalows, a dock for yachts and submarines, an amphitheater, a transparent tunnel for walking with a 360-degree view of the underwater world. Can be built in an artificial lagoon located near the sea or ocean. Under this project, it is planned to develop an international network of underwater hotels.

The Hive

The Hive Interior

Ferris Wheel & Nautilus

Nautilus Interior

Submerged Residential Unit

The Masada

THE MASADA is an individual space for VIPs, located at a distance of 20-30 meters from the coast and hidden from prying eyes. This is a real modern fortress for stars, actors, big businessmen, and dignitaries of the state. Its closed territory in the middle of water spaces has its own walking areas, 4 underwater capsules, a rooftop pool, an underwater garage, a pier, a helipad, and everything you need for a luxurious vacation inside the buildings. It will be possible to get to it only by water, by helicopter, or through a personal checkpoint in the underwater tunnel.

Grand Underwater Villas

A unique community village of 50 houses has a protected area with a checkpoint. Each house is 400 sq/m created in a modern style and equipped with everything needed for a comfortable permanent residence and recreation, including a delightful view from the windows, a landscaped area, a marina for boats. In the underwater part there are two SRU-capsules where the bedroom, living room, or room for relaxation can be placed.

The Eden

Eden World is a large 5-star, all-inclusive, adult only resort. The complex has 400 rooms, 45 wooden bungalows and 25 SRU. Near each bungalow and SRU guests will be given a wooden boat, like a gondola, on which guests can navigate the paradise canals of Eden and enjoy the seascapes. Individual elements of the project can be used to complement existing hotel complexes.



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Come and experience a record-breaking multi-purpose maritime complex ready to draw in crowds from around the world.